Creating Next-Level Facilities: Expertise, Innovation, and Education

Culture heritage specialists

Building exceptional facilities transcends mere construction; it demands expertise in securing, handling, and preserving valuable contents. Our commitment extends to fostering education and driving innovation, perpetually seeking novel solutions for preservation, protection, and monitoring. Our team comprises carefully selected experts who blend profound field knowledge with backgrounds in culture heritage, art storage, art-handeling with creative ingenuity.

Fine Art Storage

Introducing the ultimate Center for international Art-Handling: a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to education innovation. Elevating art handeling to a international level.

Fine Art Storage

Zone fuctionality 

Facilities designed for the viewing, exhibition, safekeeping, and protection of artworks, offering both short-term and long-term storage solutions.

Our facilities adhere to the highest industry standards and fulfill security requirements specific to each region, all while providing a diverse range of adaptable solutions. 

Using our zone strategy, we created a tool for finding the best experience and functionality.

Art handling

SINCE 1990´s

TEMART Group has worked with preventive conservation extensively since the beginning of 1990’s ,and is well orientated in all aspects of modern preventive conservation. 

What we do!

With a unique specialist group assembled to create the most optimal solutions, TEMART group have committed to drive outstanding results through cutting-edge expertise. Our aim is to improve both construction and work processes while ensuring the highest possible quality is maintained in accordance with all certifications and standards.

Areas where TemArt could add distinctive value:

  • Comprehensive Project Management: Ensuring smooth and efficient development from concept to completion in museum and art storage facility projects.

  • Educational Endeavours: Offering specialised courses in art handling, fostering a skilled local workforce for sustainable operations.

  • Operational Management: Implementing best practices in managing and operating cultural and artistic facilities.

  • Innovative Product Solutions: Providing a suite of products under TeamArt, designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of art preservation and presentation.

Additionally, consider environmental impact by incorporating climate control measures into their projects.

This commitment to delivering superior solutions with a holistic approach to project planning and execution makes TEMART group a reliable partner striving to meet the highest industry standards.

Agenda 2030 encourages partnerships between countries to meet the goals, this also includes cultural exchange as well as many of the other goals in the agenda. Cultural exchange as traveling exhibitions and exchange between large institutions can only take place if a professional organisation can be trusted with the packing, transport and mounting.

Temart Group will offer this services on a level that have never been met before.

Our Team of Experts

Our mission is to uphold excellence in art handling and preventive conservation. Driven by innovation, we continuously push the boundaries of art handling and preventive conservation by embracing groundbreaking technologies and modern methodologies

Yngve Magnusson

Member, German Expert Committee for DIN TC 346

Yngve Magnusson brings a wealth of expertise in preventive conservation to the German Expert Committee for DIN TC 346. His commitment to advancing the field is exemplified through his initiatives in training restorers across Europe and South America, promoting career advancement in preservation. Not only have cultural institutions and heritage companies significantly benefited from his consultation on major projects, but his adherence to international standards in training methodologies also stands out.

Yngve’s illustrious career encompasses collaborations with prestigious museums and in providing technical advisement to TEMART AB, Deffner & Johann GmbH, and Securitas Germany, among others. His innovative contributions to museum product development and collection management software, particularly with Locarto AS since 2012, are noteworthy.

Haoge Li

Co-funder & Project lead

Haoge Li, CEO of L&L Management and Invest since 2015, has crafted a notable career trajectory from sales positions to Director of Sales at distinguished companies such as Telenor and Canal Digital. His consultancy services, underpinned by expertise in sales development and navigating companies through market expansions, have significantly benefited renowned brands like QleanAir Scandinavia, MTGx, and Nordic Choice. Haoge’s insightful leadership has consistently delivered successful project outcomes.

Bo Dolk Petersson

Co-Founder and CEO, TEMART AB

Bo Dolk Petersson, with his comprehensive international entrepreneurial experience, is the Co-Founder and CEO of TEMART AB, established in 1997. Under his leadership, the company has secured a global reputation in developing pioneering products for the museum market, utilized by pre-eminent museums and institutions worldwide.

Bo, who is specialized in technical and business development, has also served in pivotal roles such as CTO and VP at QleanAir Scandinavia for over twenty-five years. He is credited with 47 patents and is distinguished by a Master’s degree in Engineering, signifying his unparalleled expertise in indoor environmental control.

Niclas Svensson

Creativ Director

Niclas Svensson, developing strong concepts for complex organizations, employs his extensive experience and gaming industry background to innovate brand perception strategies.

As the Founder and part-owner of Visual ID, Stockholm, Niclas has successfully influenced the branding of numerous clients, including Telia, WeSC, Posten, and SonyEricsson, among others. He oversees the agency’s design work and ensures top-quality idea and concept development, also holding responsibility for industrial design and product production.

Gert Granli

Head of R&D, TEMART Art-Handling Products

Gert Granli, as the Head of R&D at TEMART art-handling products company, blends his profound experience in cultural institutions across France and Scandinavia with innovative product development. His seasoned career includes planning and executing exhibitions, supervising transport projects, and managing the collection for the Nationalmuseum of Sweden.

Gert's deep-seated knowledge in collection management, museum security, and art-handling, coupled with his aptitude for testing and utilizing materials and equipment, propels forward-thinking strategies for improved collection management and exhibition safety.

TEMART is the trusted choice

TEMART is the trusted choice of over 200 prestigious museums worldwide. As a leading provider, we deliver exceptional products and offer expert consultations to the industry. Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to expand and innovate, ensuring safer and higher quality products and standards within the field. We recognize the work done behind the scenes in museums and aim to spread this knowledge through an Art Handling training centre based in the NEOM with museum connections worldwide.

TEMART Group has worked with . 

TEMART Group has worked with preventive conservation extensively since the beginning of 1990’s, and is well orientated in all aspects of modern preventive conservation.

Develop the best norms 

Develop the best norms and standards for a global corporation with leading museums.

Preventive Conservation

Preventive Conservation
The ICOM Handbook (2021 Edition) stress the importance of preventive conservation in a well run collection.

Enhance the market 

Enhance the market to attract exhibitors from the world's best exhibitions to the region

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